Gavina gull

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Toni Zuccheri, 2007

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Designer: Toni Zuccheri

Dimensions: 50 cm x 22 cm x 31 cm (h)

Material: Murano glass

Processing technique: Hand-blown and hand-crafted glass with bronze structure

Limited edition of 29 pieces


Toni Zuccheri’s travel companions: the animals that gave life and soul to his splendid glass. Exclusive creations, works such as Ducks, Wigeons, Owls, Seagulls. The hunting molds that are used to recall real ducks, made of straw, wood and bitumen, become precious objects made of glass rods of different colors, then sculpted with the grinding wheel.


“When you become old, your memory becomes a child again and traces more often, but in small steps, the images that impressed your childhood when the world is revealed and revealed. I was a child in Venice, ducks, seagulls, fish, my animals, the lagoon, the world to explore and today in my last age I find myself in the glass, I retrace them because the shapes survive the memory”

Toni Zuccheri